Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Baked Brown Rice

This is a short one...not much needs to be said except that this recipe may have changed my life. :-)
Seriously. I love brown rice but cooking it to a just right texture is not easy, and brown rice is pricy enough that messing it up regularly (as I have in the past) is a total deterrent to buying it.

But now I say, "Be gone white rice! There's a new, healthier sheriff in town."

Why am
I not surprised that it is AB who came through for me?

I made this recipe as is except I subbed olive oil for the butter. Delicious either way, I suspect.

Enjoy! Happy Registered Dietitian's Day to my RD's, and Happy Pi Day to my nerds. (To my dear friend Heather, this must be like your Christmas!)

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